The Kozjansko Apple Celebration


The Kozjansko Apple Celebration – this year taking place from Monday, 8 October until Sunday, 14 October – is becoming a central international event, with professional and social programmes and a fair.


Kozjansko Park, 206 km² in size, is the largest regional park in Slovenia. It lies in a region whose borders are not precisely specified. The region is characterized by its subalpine hills, mostly covered with forests, which gradually transition into the plains near the Sotla River.


The Kozjansko Apple Celebration events will conclude this year's efforts of the Kozjansko Park project, entitled "Restoring Old Orchards in the Meadows". Discussions on the subject of Natura 2000 will be held and different events will be organized. Everyone is invited to visit the Old Apple Varieties and My Flower exhibitions, the farms, Podsreda Castle and the mushroom exhibition, and to take part in the veteran tournament in small sided football for the Kozjansko Park Cup and the recreational running event to Podsreda Castle. The liveliest event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, when the market will be open, offering apples, honey, cheese, pumpkin oil, bread and pastries.

Traditional crafts and chores will also be presented, as well as new projects for secured areas and partner museums and associations. The programme is organized for the enjoyment of adult and young audiences, as well as children.

The Kozjansko Apple Celebration is actively implementing natural and cultural heritage protection and the sustainable development principles in the Kozjansko Park region.

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