Sevnica Castle


Sevnica municipality showed that investing in the reconstruction of cultural heritage incorporated into the life of its members and tourists can prove to be worthwhile.


In spring 2007, reconstruction works of the exterior came to an end and the several-year-long reconstruction of Sevnica Castle was completed – the mighty building with four wings, round corner towers and an inner arcaded courtyard.


During the reconstruction, special attention was devoted to the construction of cultural terraces with plantings of fruit trees, to replanting the castle vineyard with autochthonous Blue Franconian vines and to planting a young branch of the oldest vine in the world from Maribor's Lent, which was given to Sevnica as a gift by Franc Kangler, the mayor of Maribor. In the castle, the seat of a branch of the Posavje Museum Brežice, visitors can take a look at a decoration art gallery presenting the work of Ivan Razboršek, a school museum presenting an old classroom, a museum of fire fighting, an exhibition on refugees, a permanent exhibition of works by academic painter Alojz Konec, and a wedding and conference hall and a tower with Baroque frescoes of the four seasons. After a stroll in the park outside the castle walls, dating from the first half of the 19th century and planted with exotic trees, and after a visit to the Lutrovska Cellar painted with frescoes, you can also visit the new castle coffeehouse. Due to the extraordinary acoustics of the Lutrovska Cellar, it regularly hosts various concerts and other events.


But Sevnica Castle is not the only castle in Slovenia which has turned into a centre of tourist activities. There are more than 120 castles and mansions in Slovenia, and many are completely or partially preserved, while of others only mighty ruins remained. Castles such as Bogenšperk, Bled, Podsreda, Otočec, Škofja Loka, Kostanjevica, Štanjel, Predjamski, Ljubljana and Ptuj are but a few of the many Slovene castles where museum and art collections are exhibited, while at the same time serving as extraordinary sites for various events. Many castles are included in the maps of thematic trails of the project “Na lepše”, which are spread all over Slovenia.

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