European Destinations of Excellence are at home in Slovenia

Experience the intimacy and heartiness of Slovenia, a country located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, which contains love in its very name. The story of Slovenia is one of mountains, forests, and waters, fields and vineyards, the soil and the sky. Only thanks to love, as the Slovenian tradition says, is there so much beauty in this small part of the world.


During 2008 and 2013, selected tourist jewels of Slovenia – the Soča Valley, the Solčavsko region, the Kolpa river, Idrija and Laško were chosen to be placed on the map of the European Destinations of Excellence – EDEN. This is an initiative backed by the European Commission with the aim of promoting values, diversity and common features of European tourism destinations. In Slovenia, the EDEN network has been aiming at identifying and giving awards to the most sustainable and green destinations which follow the principles of environmental, socially responsible and cultural sustainability.

In addition to the EDEN winners, all of the finalists competing for the European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia are just as attractive and welcoming: Kranj, the Kozjansko Park, Bohinj, Green Carst, Mežica, Žiče Charterhouse, Radovljica and Velenje. Wherever you set off for a trip around the country, everywhere you will be warmly welcomed by hospitable locals who will share their most interesting stories with you – the stories of love for Slovenia.


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